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i love you so much it hurts

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  • Ramba
    05-11 07:34 PM
    It is easy to spit out numbers like this. Do you have independent proof of these? Please don't point us to LTTE run web sites. Provide hard proof if you can.

    As for "formerly superior Tamil competitiveness", I am sure what you refer to is, the fact that during the British period, the Tamils were given the lion's share (pardon my pun) of all the civil service and other administrative jobs as part of their divide and Rule policy. When SL gained independence of course, things changed so that formerly discriminated Sinhalese started getting their fair share of thse opportunities. Mind you that Sinhalese are after all 75% of SL. Are you saying it is fair to ask 12% of the population (SL Tamils) to have 50% of all the opportuniies and land and the resources reserved for them???


    I dont blame you for your post as you are singalese. However, don't try to hide the truth. Your post itself has the answer. British, did not discriminate the singalse. Though, they ruled India and SL, they always respected the skills and knowledge. Thatswhy, tamils were in good position before 1948. SL denied the voting rights to estate Tamils and want to keep them as slaves. 33% Tamils become 20% because of that act, apart from mass killing of Tamils by SL. SL are still doing forced/barbaric sterilization on Tamil women. The undeniable truth is SL did not want to Tamils to overtake them (pollitically, socially, economically,); though they are the natural born citizen of SL.

    I certainly blame GOI, for its mercyless view on Tamils, as they are killed in India's Doorstep. I dont blame one guy saying "its shame to carry the Indian passport".

    See the wikipedia It wont lie.

    There is a sizable population of Tamils in the Central Province, plantation laborers brought down from India by the British colonial authorities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These Indian Tamils (or Estate Tamils), as they are called, still work mainly in Sri Lanka�s tea plantations. They have been locked in poverty for generations and continue to experience poor living conditions.[15] Although they speak the same language, they are usually considered a separate community from the Sri Lankan Tamils of the North and East.

    The government of D.S. Senanayake passed legislation stripping the estate Tamils of their citizenship in 1949, leaving them stateless.

    The effect was to tilt the island's political balance away from the Tamils. In 1948, at independence, the Tamils had 33% of the voting power in Parliament.[citation needed]. Upon the disenfranchisement of the estate Tamils, however, this proportion dropped to 20%. The Sinhalese could and did obtain more than a 2/3 majority in Parliament, making it impossible for Tamils to exercise an effective opposition to Sinhalese policies affecting them. The main reason for the imbalance was that several multi member constituencies elected a Tamil member of Parliament in a majority Sinhala electorate. The idea in having multi member constituencies was to prevent domination of minorities by a future nationalist government.

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  • _TrueFacts
    09-04 11:28 AM
    Wow!!! this is just crazy>>>

    Over 100 die after YSR's death, son appeals for calm- Hindustan Times (

    People dying for corrupt politician..God Save India

    i love you so much it hurts. quot;I love you so much it hurtsquot;. Posted by Mathias Svalina at 8:47 AM
  • quot;I love you so much it hurtsquot;. Posted by Mathias Svalina at 8:47 AM

  • alterego
    12-14 05:26 PM
    An additional thing I want to point out is that the US cannot make itself diverse by restricting immigration to a diverse population mix. It is a well known fact that Hispanic american women bear many more children than Caucasian american women. How does america fix that, and if it does not then why talk about diversity in immigration?

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  • amdavad
    07-09 03:07 PM

    We recently received USA GC. We also received Canadian PR approval. Now can we go and land in Canada to complete Canadian PR process and come back to USA and live here?

    Can there be any issue at POE (either side) as we will have two PR?


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  • chanduv23
    02-13 02:06 PM
    But we also have members making $30K fundraising effort successful in 7 days! Hence I believe if the IV core decides to explore the possibility of a lawsuit, we can raise enough money to hire an attorney for that.

    there is a saying "if it takes 180 days for a immigrant to screw a light bulb" does not mean that "180 immigrants can screw the light bulb in 1 day".

    we have thresholds and we need more active participation. These campaigns are refreshers, we are gathering more dedicated vollunteers, we want to see more people coming forward and help us.

    30k in 7 days is a good positive way and we want to see this getting better, what I mean is

    30K in 7 days must lead to -> 100k in 20 days must lead to -500k in 2 months - if this is a pattern - then yes we can think of big things. The community must also be ready to face any failure and take it with a pinch of salt? Are we ready for it yet?

    I want the answer from the people because I do not want to sound negative :)

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  • mariusp
    03-28 12:52 PM

    I spoke to two immigration attorneys about how this may affect pending I-140 cases with the USCIS and this is the reply I received:

    Response 1:

    I am aware of the proposed rule (and the DOL link you sent me). But this applies only to pending labor certification applications and to approved labor certification applications not yet filed with USCIS. Neither one of these situations applies in your case. Of course the elimination of substitution is a proposed rule only and no one can tell exactly if and when and how the final rule will come out.

    Response 2:

    Highly unlikely that this change would affect a case that was already filed.

    Just to be safe I will request to convert to PP.


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  • mariner5555
    02-14 06:25 AM
    What rights did the Natives have in the 18th and 19th centuries when Europeans invaded their lands, and massacred most of them? Did they respectfully ask the Natives if they could immigrate? No? They walked in as if they owned this land. As a Canadian, I'm ashamed to say that this happened in my country too.

    Never think of immigration as a privilege - think of it as your birthright - this is your planet and you have the right to go wherever you want. Get into that mentality instead of the groveling "Please sir, I want some more" mentality.
    well said. actually there should be corresponding supply of green cards to the demand. as long as jobs are there and people are needed - GC numbers should be increased. but life is never fair - my advice (to those who want) - live life well , try yr best with IV efforts and make as much money as you can(and be ready to move out with it). I think country limits was set in green cards to ensure that not many people come from one country (because they become powerful as their numbers increase and become a voting bloc) - however migration from south changed everything.

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  • ramus
    06-28 08:48 PM
    There is difference... We didn't spend any money after June VB but everybody spent minimum $500 after July VB...

    If they don't accept application then USCIS made govt = 500* 100,00= $ 5000000.

    Nothing will come out of it.

    Whats the difference between God and USCIS?
    Atleast God doesn't think that He is USCIS.

    So, relax.
    In the worst case scenario, we will be no better off in July than we are in June.


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  • sk2006
    03-31 10:11 PM
    Why don't you guys go to some 'INDIAN_POLITICAL_VOICE.ORG' forum?

    This is immigration form and people from all over the world are the members.
    Don't spam them.

    Moderators, please delete this thread.

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  • mrajatish
    07-11 06:07 PM
    I know people who got their GC in 7 months from the date they filed PERM. and then there are many people getting GCs every month. There are both good stories and bad stories to tell about getting GC in US.

    There were times when H1 quota never reached the limit during the whole fiscal year, now they get used in just 2 days. This mess in GC process is a result mainly due to our own actions (temporary workers and consulting companies hiring temporary workers). Do you think majority of us once we get GC, stay with the consulting company that filed for our GC? When a consulting company files for PERM, they already have a foreign national working under H-1B in that position. So where is the real intent to hire an American when some foreigner is already working at that position?

    This employment based GC is a way for us foreigners to immigrate to US easily at one point. Now due to our extreme usage and abuse of this process, there are genuine people who are being sponsored to immigrate to US are also suffering. In a true employment GC scenario, the company should be desperate to keep you for a long time (more than 6 years after H-1B is maxed) for your valuable skills that they were unable to find in others. But in most GC cases, looks like we temporary workers are more desperate than our employers for the GC? aren't we? Do you see any companies sweating on how to retain you with them, because you H-1B is expiring and they have no way to keep you?

    Do not put all the blame on US immigration system, the majority of the blame should fall on us and the companies who are helping us to get GCs when our cases are not based on genuine sponsors.
    Do you see any companies sweating on how to retain you with them, because you H-1B is expiring and they have no way to keep you?

    This was true in my case at least - my compay worked hard to keep me around when my H1 was expiring.


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  • jsb
    06-05 01:32 PM
    It is very clear that there is absolutely no meaning for "quota" on 485 applicants.
    They are allowed to continue to stay in US forever, from the date of their application (assuming the case is good, and eventually will be approved, when visa is available).

    So the whole argument about "diversity" or even "controlled immigration" doesn't stand, since the 485 applicants are here permanently "except" for an official "GC card".

    The only thing the "quota" does is creating "uncertainty" in the mind of genuine applicants. This causes less spending, less home buying and eventually causing bad for the US economy. This just creates a second layer of "tax-payers" who have extremely high "purchase power", but doesn't utilize their purchase power, due to "uncertainity"

    I wonder why the politicians doesn't realize this simple fact yet?

    They either shouldn't allow 485's to wait in US (for diversity & controlled immigration claim), or should just remove the quota for 485's, and let them live their lives & utilize their purchase power to help US economy.

    Note that Adjustment of Status ( AOS) concept itself is a benefit to future immigrants who are already in the US (as a visitor, or guest worker), so that they don't have to go back to their country and wait for their turn. This in a way violates the country quota system. Normally people should apply for immigration from their home country, and come to the US only when they are accepted as immigrants. We are here in contradiction to the legal diversity requirement supposed to be enforced via country quotas, but we now say that there should not be such a diversity requirement because we are here anyway. This argument, of course, doesn't suite us, but is a proper one for the situation.

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  • swamy
    12-13 10:35 PM
    in a nutshell:

    an end to retrogression for all
    increased GC quota
    it does remain though, one of our goals in the package because we believe it is fundamentally unfair and should not be apart of a skilled immigration program.

    why is this so hard for ppl to understand!


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  • sroyc
    09-24 02:06 PM
    Read any visa bulletin. It's in there.


    Can you give me USCIS or any other authentic Doc/link which states ICMP share is 7% of 28.6% ? In years I have not found such doc. Therefore, assuming USCIS works fairly :D I had to divide 28.6% by 5 - equal share for each country within particular category.

    Yes, there are many other factors we will have to factor in like incoming flow of applications, swith over count, spillover at the end of the year.

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  • gc_lover
    06-27 03:54 PM
    So with Oct year starts for the Visa will the dates starting moving forward by Nov07

    Dates are already current. How much forward you want these dates to move. I don't think it will go in future :)


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  • GCisLottery
    10-23 05:05 PM
    Thanks for the reply Amoljak,

    Now if you can please remove all the sarcasm and explain this in more detail in laymen's terms, it would really help me. I mean how is it that atleast 10 members on this site have mentioned people selling and buying LCs LEGALLY! Were they bluffing or are we reading into the law wrongly?

    I don't know the business of this, but it is just fraud and that's precisely why USCIS wants to get rid of it. It is a genuinely OK route for companies that can't hold onto people and has to substitute.

    My assumption is they are "buying" those LCs and join those money making companies, stay there as long as they legally have to stay and get out.

    Now some mod please close this thread.

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  • angelfire76
    05-29 09:22 PM
    Five letter word: U N I T Y

    How many EB1 people do you see on this board?


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  • kevin08
    03-28 12:47 AM
    remove Atalaji...add Bahenji.

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  • Aah_GC
    08-16 12:04 AM
    Can we let him go then...? is there any guarantee they will not recruit more and massacre more? If its Israel already mosat would have taken the preparators. If its US, Pak would have been reduced to rubble.

    But India is only good to serve the mutton briyani...God save India.

    US knows that Pakistan is the mother of Terrorism, doesn't look like with all the aid flowing in, that it is being reduced to rubble. Terrorism is a deeper debate, and it borders on uneven economics, social structures, global imbalance to name a few. We have quite a few terrorists in India too, just look up Sikh riots of 1984 and Gujrat riots of 2002, the culprits walk scott free. You talk about Israel, how safe is Israel? Would you settle in Israel given a chance? The same is with the US, in the pretext of 9/11 the residual racism is now emerging in these situations.

    Whether we like it or not, Kasab will be hung to death. He is definitely a criminal, and it shines on our judicial system and independent media (both are screwed in their own ways) that we can tell that a terrorist hasn't been reduced to a weakling to not demand the food of his choice.

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  • sertasheep
    07-04 11:25 AM

    I just took a snapshot. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!. You guys are great.. Thank you for all the help.

    I noticed that too but I thought may be they just putting rough nuumber and not exact..
    But you are right there were 3,185 highest ever..

    09-12 05:25 PM
    I worked for the company X for 5 Years . During this period My labor was approved in PERM in EB3 PD 05/15/2006. My I - 140 was alos approved Sep 2006 in EB3. I left the company X & started to work for another technology company Y. In July of 2007, I applied for the I-485 via Company X based on Future employment. I-485 is pending since July 2, 2007. Also applied for EAD & Advance parole which latter got approved. Meanwhile, I have an old labor pending with Company X which got approved with PD of Jan 23, 2003 in EB 2 Category. Company X applied for I-140 based In EB2 PD Jan 2003. This I -140 got approved in May 2008. Company X requested Interfiling with USCIS. Meanwhile I Changed jod & started working for company Z with H1B Transfer.

    Here are my questions:
    Can I revoke AC21 with my new company Z?
    What happens if Company X closes before my I-485 is approved or an RFE is received.
    What should I do to minimize risk in getting Green card. Note that Company X is not in a very Good financial position currently.

    Your response is aapprciated.

    02-16 08:21 AM
    Sir, first, not that I will listen to you, but you have no business telling anybody that IV doesn't need them, it's very serious when every disgruntled member decides to speak on others behalf and tell people who disagree with them they need to leave IV
    second, do u have a crystal ball that allows you to know my feelings more than I do and put words in my mouth that i didn't say.. when i say that bodyshops participated in creating the disproportionate lines for india and china where do you get an insult or conclude that i want indians and chinese to disappear or that i feel i lack marketable skills..
    stick to arguments please instead of these endless fabrications.

    Did you not write in your post said that Indians and Chinese are flooding US via bodyshopping. DO read your earlier posts before writing back here.You can speak whatever but no one will listen to your racism and bigotry at least not here. U got problems with these Indians and Chinese go somewhere else and release your bigotry. You never answered my question about rally participation since you have been planted here by some anti-immigrant org for obvious reasons. Members like you are trying to divide IV based on race and there is no place for you here.So again I will say that get out of here if you have problems with race.

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